College Experiences

Students express different views on college transition.

By Mary Stover
Ranger Reporter

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AC students talk about the tough transition from high school to college.

Amarillo College students have different views on their college experiences and how it has impacted their future.
High school and college are two different facilities that help educated us.

High school has a set schedule which varies depending on the school function. Also, you go to the same classes every day, not spread out through the week. Colleges have advisers, who help you pick classes that are best for your schedule.

Shawna McAfee, liberal arts/radiology major, said “College is more on our time. You have days in between classes to get your homework done and you can learn at your own pace.”

Shayna Palmer, equine major, said “To me it’s a little overrated. Though high school has parties it gets bigger in college-for some it’s what they come for.”

“But for people who come to college without that mindset, it can take you places.”

There are some parts of college students like and dislike. Unlike high school, college requires tuition.

“My least favorite part about college is the tuition,” said Lucia Grandara, a social work major.

“Most teachers kind of pick and choose who they think will drop a class, but it’s fun to prove them wrong,” Palmer said.

AC offers various opportunities to help students succeed with their future. Students can be on the radio, meet famous authors and directors and get a job in their field of study.

Getting a college education will provide “A better job for my future and better financial standing for my children’s future,” McAfee said.

Students said they hope their experiences at college will help improve their future in big ways.

“Learning things I never got to learn so I can teach others who didn’t have someone to teach them,” Palmer said.

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