Honors scholars visit the big city

honors scholars students in new york city
Honors scholars students visit New York City

September 12, 2012

By Johnathan Price
Ranger Reporter

Students in the Presidential Scholars Honors Program toured the New York City this summer.

honors scholars students in new york city
Honors scholars students visit New York City

The students observed how the terrorist attacks in New York made a huge impact on the city.

“Students were able to relate how tragic situations can change a city, such as the Amarillo wildfires,” said Judy Carter, coordinator of the AC Honors Program.

About 20 students from a wide range of majors attended the trip. The students toured the 9/11 memorial site and the New York City Police Museum.

“The New York City Police Museum was awesome – to see how New York honored their fellow officers,” Carter said.

Students visited with some New York firefighters. Although many first responders lost their lives during 9/11, they always will be remembered and honored for their good deeds, Carter said.

“This trip was very eye-opening as far as culture, and we got to see so many successful people,” said Laura Gonzales, a petroleum engineering major.

The students were able to see how New York has recovered from the terrorist attacks.

Students said they left New York with an understanding that faith and courage can overcome obstacles.

Gonzales said that understanding the meaning of what goes on in New York was the most intriguing part of the trip.

The next trip the Presidential Scholars honors students will take will be to China. The trip is intended to give the students insight into China’s history.

The China trip will take place in May 2013.

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