Attention, Internet music lovers ‘Pitchfy is golden’

Graphic by Brittney Richerson | The Ranger

April 19, 2012

By JAMI JOINER | Opinion Editor


When it comes to finding the type of music you’re looking for, there are numerous websites to cater to those searches.

Internet radio providers such as Pandora and Spotify will play songs according to your specific requests. They allow listeners to create radio stations based on an artist or band, song, album or genre.

Once radio stations are created, you can approve or disapprove of a song, skip a limited number of tracks each hour and mix stations to add variety.

While listeners can download applications for their smart phone, tablet or computer for Pandora, they can access and listen to their stations simply using their preferred Internet browser.

Spotify, on the other hand, must be downloaded. Unlike Pandora, Spotify also allows users to share playlists, giving people with similar tastes in music the opportunity to network.

Maybe Pandora and Spotify are a little too mainstream for you.

For the average hipster, finding underground music and bands is like finding the white diamond. is an avid music listener’s paradise.

It features album and track reviews, artist interviews and touring information on every band you’ve never heard of.

Like the idea of all of the above?

So, what if there was a website that combined the best of both worlds? A site where you could dig for bands like you would on Pitchfork and then listen to those bands like you would on Spotify?

You’re in luck, because there is.

It’s called Pitchify.

I’m not big on Internet radio, but this is legit. It has Pitchfork album reviews for each album it promotes and tracks to listen to. It also has selected listens from other users, which is comparable to a playlist.

A lot of music blogs tend to be biased, and there isn’t always a means to listen to tracks that said blogger is blogging about.

So after already digging and researching bands and reading about them on certain blogs, a person then has to Google or YouTube or Facebook this band to be able to listen to any of its songs.

And sometimes you don’t get so lucky. If it’s a newer band or a practically off-the-radar band, sometimes it’s hard to find any tracks that are listenable.

And if you’re really hardcore, you’ll find out what label they are with and search that way, still ending up emptyhanded at times.

Spotify is good for those who listen to full albums front to back and for those who are able to find other playlists and artists specific to that album.

Pitchfork is a way to keep in the “in,” to know the “know” and a way to find bands that are just exactly what you’re looking for that you never knew existed.

For those who are obsessed with finding good music and playing it nonstop, Pitchify is golden.

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