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April 11, 2012

By Chad Fewell | Ranger Reporter

In recent years, smart phones and applications, better known as “apps,” have become as commonplace as breathing. The need to have the newest and coolest apps means there is a large number of people who see these little programs as necessary in everyday living.
With the iPhone, there are several apps that people feel are absolute must-haves. They fall in three separate categories in iTunes: top paid, top free and top grossing, based on downloads by all iPhone users in the United States.

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“I love to use Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Draw Something and Scramble,” said Sydnee Parkhurst, a studio arts major. “I use them every day.”

Top paid apps:

1. Angry Birds

2. Draw Something

3. Clear Vision

4. Infinity Blade

5. Camera Plus

6. The Night Sky

7. Fruit Ninja

8. Whatsapp Messenger

9. Free Music Download

10. Cut the Rope

11. Where’s My Water

12. Bejeweled

13. Color Text Messaging

14. Life

15. Mad Coaster

16. Scramble with Friends

17. NBA Jam

18. Tetris

“I love Facebook, Calendar, P-Tracker, email and Mahjong,” said Susan Hartfelder, a forensic anthropology major. “It would be great if there was an app to help me keep track of all the human bones and where they are supposed to go.”

Top free apps:

1. Draw Something

2. Geared

3. Rat on a Snowboard

4. Clear Vision

5. One Minute to Kill Him 2

6. Burn the Corn

7. Blueprint 3D

8. Instagram

9. Archer World Cup 2

10. Flashlight

11. Doors

12. Video camera

13. Bike Race

14. Plumber Crack

15. Facebook

16. Temple Run

17. Scramble with Friends

18. Stickman Cliff Diving

19. Photo Age

The top grossing apps are programs with additional purchases available inside the program. They include Angry Birds Space, Galaxy Empire, Draw Something, Poker by Zynga, Dragonvale, Slotomania, MLB.com at Bat, Texas Poker, Pandora Radio, Clear Vision, Kingdom Conqueror, Infinity Blade, iMob 2, Kingdom of Camelot, Modern War and Bejeweled Blitz.
More than 100 students were polled at Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus, and the majority of them said some of the apps they use the most are as varied as the apps themselves.
“I have a calendar app that shows my week at a time,” said Robin Modisette, an all-level special education student. “It’s great for keeping track of all of my events and classes as well as work, because it is color coded. I also use my dictionary and my flash card app for definitions and chemistry test practice. Safari may not be an app, but it’s important, and I use it often.
“I also play Words with Friends so I can keep in touch with other classmates and teachers.”

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