Get involved while engaging in interests

February 8, 2012


By Elizabeth Wakefield

WE ALL have interests, unique and relatable.

What’s a better way to spend time than diving into, exploring and becoming involved with the things we have a passion and talent for?

When going to school and or working, it can be difficult to squeeze in time to be active with outside interests.

With help from Amarillo College’s Student Life, hobbies and interests can begin to naturally intertwine with school or even work life.

They open a vessel that allows things of interest to become more accessible and educational rather than potentially becoming a distraction from school and work.

Joining clubs and programs at AC can bring you closer to the college and closer to your passions.

Enter the College Union Building and take the stairs that lead to the basement. That is where the heart of Student Life can be found.

Straight ahead are the Student Life staff members, and to the right is the Student Life Lounge.

The Student Life Lounge is dedicated to the students, and it is a place where they are welcome to work, eat, have club meetings or even to take a moment and relax on campus.

There are couches, a TV, tables for gathering and working and a pingpong table as well.

Student Life Director Heather Atchley, has worked for Amarillo College for 10 years and with Student Life for six.

She suggests, “Being engaged and having a place to belong is important.”

Becoming involved with your school and with your interests can aid in the development of leadership and can allow you to advance in academics and other skills.

Student Life offers more than 40 clubs to AC students.

The Animation Club, Biology Club, and Interior Design Club are just a few examples of groups to choose from.

When considering the opportunity to apply for a university or a job, also consider joining a club, program or an organization.

Student Life has put together Student Life transcripts, which contain the information involving the clubs, programs or organizations a student is involved with during schooling at AC.

They can be essential in launching you further down a path of education and can be important to the advancement of skills in different fields of interest.

Student Life transcripts can be requested for pickup in the Assistance Center.

To become part of a club, visit Atchley in the CUB basement.

Submerging into the things you have a passion for or even a curiosity in could be the difference between dreaming of success on the sidelines or being the go-getters who inspire the dreamers.

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