TEACH Club brings students new opportunities in education

February 8, 2012

By Jake Childers| Ranger reporter

The TEACH Club is an organization that allows any student who is interested in education to network and socialize with future co-workers and employers.

Mary Clare Munger, the education department chairwoman, explained that the TEACH Club is sponsored by Amarillo College to give students a chance to mingle and socialize with other teachers.

“TEACH Club allows for students to listen and speak with teachers, principals and other members of the education field,” Munger said. “We have conferences and trips to both local schools and to other colleges.”

Many students see the TEACH club and organizations like it as a chance to see what their major fields of study will be like in the real world.

TEACH Club President Chad Fewell said he is eager to help both future educators and future students.

“TEACH club is a great organization to help future teachers and those interested in child development,” Fewell said. “It’s ideal for anyone wanting to be a teacher at any grade level.”

Munger said members of the AC TEACH Club will attend the Bruce Beck Conference.

The conference helps students meet with people directly involved with the education and child development fields. It is named for a former writer and editor at the Amarillo Globe-News who died of cancer. Beck was active in supporting education in Amarillo.

She pointed out that the TEACH Club is open to any student with the urge to help children. “We are doing fundraisers and events to promote TEACH club and to help start a college scholarship,” she said.

Fewell said the conference will give students a chance to visit with the panel speakers and to learn about the “tricks of the trade.”

Another club activity was selling lunch on the Washington Street Campus Tuesday to help raise money for scholarships for students.

“TEACH Club is an important asset for any teacher and any education major looking to network and see what the education field holds for them,” said Amanda Rousseau, an education major.

“TEACH Club helps give us a chance to talk with teachers and other educators and also to help out at at-risk schools in the area. ”

Fewell said he joined the TEACH Club because he enjoys seeing people learn and grow.

“I think TEACH Club will help not only me to help others, not only other education majors, but anyone who is interested in helping kids reach their goals,” he said.

The TEACH Club meets at noon each Thursday in 212 Warren Hall.

For more information, contact members on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TEACHclubamarillocollege.

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