School Pride still evident at AC

Graphic by Andrea Godoy

By Kendall Kuehler

Blue. Grey. Badgers.

School pride often is defined by the presence of bold colors, mascots and team spirit. Amarillo College may not be the home of a mighty football team, but it is the home of thousands of Badgers seeking success.

“My source of pride comes from the all the different types of people walking around on campus, actually going to college and bettering their lives,” said Caitlin Pratt, a sonography major.

Claudie Biggers, associate professor of biological sciences, said student success is where AC’s school pride starts. She said she does not believe school pride has to be found in an athletic game.

“Pride comes from classroom accomplishments,” she said.

Hilary Cordero, an education major and employee in the College Union Building, said her source of pride is generated through her fellow students.

Despite the school’s lack of a star team today, students like Pratt take pride in AC as a college. She said the institution is fun and provides a challenge for students.

Biggers said she feels like AC sometimes is perceived as “Almost College” at first, but once students see what Amarillo College has to offer, they tend to leave that idea behind.

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