Student Workers Balancing school, work, all that personal stuff and whatever else life may throw at you is tough enough. On-campus jobs save students time, stress and maybe even a little gas money.

Photo by Joshua Wagner | The Ranger
Photo by Joshua Wagner | The Ranger

BY DAVID LEWIS| Ranger Reporter

Finding a job that works with a college student’s school schedule can often be a difficult task.

With the rising need to earn money and attend school at the same time, students may struggle to find the perfect solution.

“Honestly, I love my job,” said Sara Hernandez, a student associate at Lynn Library. “I get to meet new people all the time and they really work around my school schedule.”

Working on campus provides a number of benefits for students.

“There are plenty of benefits that come along with working on campus,” said Doug Cundall, current employment associate at Amarillo College.

“The biggest is that the job naturally works around your school schedule, you never have to worry about having to ask your boss to let you off of work.”

He also explained that as classes change, work schedules naturally adapt.

“The benefits are that working on campus works with your school schedule, and you don’t have to go anywhere – you’re already at work,” said Josh Blashill, a student associate in the Carter Fitness Center.

“You just go where you need to be. I basically just come here, and get my homework done as I work.”

Cundall said normally the school is looking for involved, outgoing students who are in clubs or honors classes to employ.

Hernandez said that as part of her job, she had to be enrolled in at least six credit hours of classes and that she had to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average.

The best time to look for available job opportunities is toward the end of the semester when classes are being let out, Cundall said.

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