3D Scares not worth the extra cash

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Review By Chris Major

Many people go out during October hoping to get a good scare. One haunted house, 6th Street Massacre at 3015 SW Sixth Ave., attempts to frighten visitors, but the scariest thing there might be the prices.

For $16, haunt fans can enjoy a slightly re-vamped 3D experience. Beginning with an introduction from the puppet in Saw, visitors crawl through an arcade machine into a world that may seem like déjà vu to many. However, it contains a few new elements as well.

The first half of the house uses a lot of old scenes and props from last year, such as the Silent Hill scene, the mirror maze and a slanted room as well as a few of the props.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just the same old tricks. A creepy silhouette follows you, bendy zombies line a few walls and corpses hang from the ceiling.

They added a few new areas later in the house and use 3D glasses to enhance some of the visuals along the way.

A screen in one room shows a woman sliding into a fan, and it sprays as you watch the gruesome scene. The event closes with the classic chainsaw appearance, which will alarm some but won’t bother most enthusiasts.

Most guys won’t find the event too scary, so it’s hardly worth the price of admission – unless you bring along a child or friend to scream constantly and keep you entertained.

In the end, though, it is all too familiar for me.

The screams, the disturbingly attractive cast of female characters and the spray props resemble a lot of last year’s event.

It needs more new elements besides just a new theme and a pair of glasses. For $32 per couple, fans of haunted houses should expect a better show than this one.

Avid goers expect newer settings, more blood and new factors to surprise and scare them.

Predictability equates with comfort, and that’s not what anyone wants in a haunted house.

Feel free to explore others in Amarillo before bringing money to this one. There’s bound to be a better scare somewhere in town.


Originally published: Thursday, October 20, 2011

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