Partnership brings new program to Amarillo College

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Agriculture classes to be offered in Dumas next semester

By Christian Mcclure

Amarillo College and Frank Phillips College are partnering to offer agriculture classes at AC’s Moore County Campus in Dumas.

“The two schools have articulated the courses that will transfer as general education courses between schools,” said Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, vice president for academic affairs, in an email.

Due to low enrollment this fall, the new courses in agriculture will not be offered at the Moore County Campus until the spring semester. However, Lowery-Hart said there are plans to add more programs to meet community needs as the agriculture program develops.

Instructors from Borger’s Frank Phillips College will teach the classes at AC’s Moore County Campus that will be open to students from both colleges. The system is designed to make transferring credits no problem, said Dustin Warren, an agriculture adviser at Frank Phillips.

“Its greatest benefit is that students can stay at home for one or two semesters before they must incur the expense of moving to complete a degree,” Warren said in an email.

When AC established the Moore County Campus in January 2000, there was an agreement that Frank Phillips still would be able to offer an agriculture program in Dumas since AC did not offer agriculture courses.

“The faculty and administration at Frank Phillips College have gone out of their way to establish a relationship with our Amarillo College Moore County Campus advisers and administration,” said Renee Vincent, executive director of Moore County Campus, in an email.

“The partnership was recently renewed by Dr. Paul Matney, president of Amarillo College, Dr. Jud Hicks, president of Frank Phillips College, Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, vice president of academic affairs for Amarillo College and Shannon Carroll, vice president of academic affairs at Frank Phillips College.”

She said the colleges are teaming up to promote the new classes.

Lowery-Hart said the community in Dumas is excited about the plans for Moore County Campus. He said the industry has applauded the partnership between the schools.”Students are excited and welcome the opportunity to engage in agriculture while completing a certificate or degree at Amarillo College,” Warren said.


Originally published: Friday, September 9, 2011

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