Amarillo College athletics to make comeback

In-depth coverage of new sports at AC

Badger athletics begin in 2022

The story behind the comeback

By ELIZABETH CHUNN, staff reporter

Competitive sports are making a comeback after financial constraints halted Amarillo College’s first athletic program in the 1980s. 

While AC’s former program included tennis, golf, football, baseball, basketball and track, the AC board of regents decided to reintroduce sports by bringing volleyball, baseball and cross-country to campus, set for fall of 2022. 

“The local talent pool here in Amarillo is rich in runners, volleyball players and baseball players,” Joseph Wyatt, communications coordinator, said. “If our three teams compete well, we may look at adding soccer and basketball in the future.” 

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Volleyball players prepare to compete for AC

By GARREN BUSTAMANTE, staff reporter

Brooklyn BundyDesiree Sotelo

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Fans excited for sports seasons to start


Fans weigh in on their expectations for the return of Badger athletics.

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By NICK BANDY, staff reporter

Sports bring swag

AC Bookstore brims with items to support new teams

Return of athletics sparks
facility renovation

By GARREN BUSTAMANTE, staff reporter

Carter Fitness under constructionAmarillo College is currently renovating the Carter Fitness Center. 

The project has many different goals, but the primary motive for redoing the building is the new athletic programs coming to AC.

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New Badger coaches get ready for action

By JOANN EARLY, staff reporter

Amanda Black, head volleyball coach, Sean Hargrove, cross country coach, and Brandon Rains, head baseball coach, discuss their hopes and goals for their teams and why they chose to join Amarillo College’s new athletics coaches

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AC officials explain costs associated with athletics

By SEASON CRAVEN, staff reporter

Since it was announced last year that Amarillo College would be returning to intercollegiate athletics in 2022, excitement and questions have been abundant. Mark White, AC athletic director and executive vice president, said that, while there will be initial expenditures, the goal is for the athletic program to sustain itself.

“The regents have approved a budget for the athletic program. This budget includes coaches’ salaries, renting of facilities, travel and many other things that are associated with establishing an athletics program. Because the program will not start until the fall of 2022, the costs are merely projections,” White said.

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Carter Fitness Center remodel revealed

By RYLEE GLAZNER, staff reporter

View a preview of the new Carter Fitness Center

School fight song gets makeover in preparation for sports return

By CODY SCOTT, staff reporter

The Amarillo College music department is revising its decade old fight song. 

“The fight song itself was used when sports were alive and well decades ago here at Amarillo College,” Nathaniel Fryml, director of choral activities said. “What we did last year was to create a special arrangement into one performance setting.”

“It’s an arrangement of voices and piano,” he said. “We are talking about creating smaller more portable versions of the song to be used here in the spring.”

The faculty are still in progress of finalizing the school’s fight song.

“There are tweaks to be made with updating to a more understanding with the modern audience,” he said. “We took slight liberties into updating the song, but remain true to the original song made five to six decades ago.”

The music faculty members said the lasting impact of the fight song reflects the importance of music in society.

“Anything in the arts of music brings us life and fills our hearts,” Beverly Bretonne, a violin teacher said. “Seeing this performance keeps the music alive. It’s exciting and something I’ve never grown tired of. Music is for a lifetime.”

“Music is something that can’t fully be described but felt,” Bruce Lin, an instructor of music, said. “We have strangers we have never met that are touched by our perfomances as well as seeing the crowd come into togetherness.” 

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