Fans excited for sports to start


Fans weigh in on their expectations for the return of Badger athletics.

T.J. Kindrick, AC graduate:
“Any time you can rally the community behind a sports team that’s a good thing, on any level. It’s nice to see a school taking the initiative fresh out the gate with women’s volleyball and cross country. Most schools always focus on men’s sports first. It’s just an overall great idea for AC and Amarillo.”

Cameron Barnes, AC graduate
“I will say that I am excited to see Badger sports even though I probably won’t be watching much of it, but I’m just glad to see that Amarillo College is growing and there’s going to be more activities for students to do.” 

Christina Gonzales, community member
“I’m excited about the new sports center coming to Amarillo College. I think it’s going to be great for our community. I think it’d be wonderful that we’ll have a better opportunity for Amarillo College, And it’d be fun to see the sports going on.” 

Mike Tomlinson, criminal justice major:
“I’m normally not into sports, but I’m interested to see how Amarillo is going to handle the sports teams.” 

Roman Gonzales, general studies major:
“I played football in middle school but I don’t really care about sports anymore but it’s cool that Amarillo College is finally doing an official sports team.”

Riley McDaniel, general studies major:
“If the team does good throughout the year I might check it out some time.”

Robert Dillion, biology instructor:
“I would go to the games when they come around, I think they would be fun.”

Stephanie Ruiz, art major:
“I don’t really go to too many sports games. I didn’t in high school but think I’ll give it a try once the time comes.”

Ruben Mendoza, community member:
“I’m into sports and any new sports team that comes to town I would like to give them a try and see how they’re doing throughout the season.”

Nick Bandy, mass media major:
“I just hope there is a longterm goal in mind, that we’re making a longterm investment, the kind of investment it takes to foster a community sport team.”

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