AC Expands Financial Education

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Construction for the new Education Credit Union branch on Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus is underway and is said to be completed by summer 2024 with new financial literacy classes set to begin fall 2024. 

The credit union will be a full-service, student-run branch and will serve AC students and employees, as well as the community. 

The credit union will give students hands-on experience in the finance industry. “It will open our students to jobs with tremendous growth and advancement opportunities in the panhandle,” Rashmi Pillai, business program coordinator, said. 

“It will help students understand economic principles, and financial systems and help them make informed decisions when managing their finances.”

Vice President of Business Affairs, Chris Sharp, said the new branch brings the introduction of a new financial literacy program, Badger Smart. The classes will be taught by experts from ECU. “The Credit Union will also offer internships to students who are interested in the credit union and banking industry,” Sharp said. “ECU will work hand-in-hand with AC faculty to provide great classes for students.”

The new classes range from beginner-level banking to in-depth expert experience. “Business Technology offers a certificate in Banking; Finance. 

This certificate can be completed in one 16-week semester,” Pillai said, “Courses include financial literacy, business software applications like Microsoft Excel and Word, banking principles and customer service in the financial field.”

The new Education Credit Union branch will be located where the Bible Chair of the Southwest Building was on 22nd St. and Monroe, directly north of Dutton Hall. “The project is fairly self-contained to the property on which it sits,” Joseph Wyatt, communications content producer, said. “A house next door to the building was removed to accommodate a parking lot for the bank. Overall, the construction is not really much of an obstacle to the day-to-day operations of the college.” 

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