It’s ‘Prime’ time for new hydration drinks



Energy drinks have been popular for a while now, as have sports drinks. Research shows that energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplement consumed by American teens and young adults. 

Men between the ages
of 18 and 34 consume the most energy drinks, while almost 1/3 of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 drink them regularly. Sports and energy drinks have amounted to 4.31 billion cases sold worldwide. 

Recently, a new brand of both sports drinks and energy drinks has come onto the scene – Prime Hydration. 

Prime is a collection of
hydration drinks, energy drinks and drink mixes
developed by Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji
(professionally known as KSI) and Logan Paul.
According to Paul, the concept behind the brand is to “fill the void where great taste meets function.”

Prime Hydration was first released in 2022 and since then, Paul and KSI both have worked to expand in retailers, reach new markets and formulate new products they hoped people would love. 

When I first heard about Prime drinks, I was hesitant to try them for many reasons. Mainly, I was confused at first, as I did not know that Prime was similar to Gatorade, and that Prime Energy was a different line of
products from the same company. I also was not sure if these drinks would be worth my hard-earned dollar.

Once I learned that Prime Hydration were not energy drinks at all, but rather sports drinks, I decided to go ahead and try them. I have always refused to drink energy drinks so I ruled out Prime Energy because each can contains two hundred milligrams of caffeine, which I consider to be too much caffeine. I tried Prime Hydration in strawberry watermelon, tropical punch and their newest flavor, glowberry.

As I prepared to try the first flavor, strawberry watermelon, the suspense was killing me. I wondered how the blend would taste and if I would like it. To my surprise, from the first sip to the last, it was not disappointing. It tasted like strawberry lemonade with just a hint of watermelon, which I really loved. I enjoyed it so much that I’d give it an eight out of ten. 

The tropical punch flavor was nothing short of incredible. It tasted like a hybrid of Hawaiian Punch and red Gatorade, leaving me instantly impressed. My hopes that this flavor would taste exactly like the classic fruit punch that I have always loved were confirmed. Tropical punch ranked as my favorite flavor for a
variety of reasons. It was sweet, but not too sweet. Every sip was delightful. Since it’s my favorite, I would drink it again and again. Fruit punch lovers will, without a doubt, love this spectacular flavor.

I was extremely disappointed in glowberry. It reminded me of a green apple Jolly Rancher, only more sour and overly sweet. That, combined with the awful aftertaste, finalized my decision to give it a three out of ten. It’s definitely a flavor that I would not recommend nor drink again. It is unfortunate to have spent $2 on this one, only to dislike it
so thoroughly. 

All things considered, I am pleased that I decided
to try Prime after all. I was also impressed with the outcome, since I discovered two out of three flavors that I
really enjoyed. 

I approached this trial with skepticism, but ended up
being quite surprised. It might be worth your while to try some of these flavors except for maybe glowberry. 

For a hydration drink with only  one to two grams of sugar in
each bottle, this one packs a powerful punch.

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