Navigating College Dating

Finding Love, Balance and Connection

By Shelby Black

Student Reporter

For some students, balancing school work with their dating life is a juggling act. “But I think that’s what college is all about – finding that balance,” Samantha Climer, a general studies major, said. “I’ve met some incredible people in my classes, but I’ve also had fun exploring dating apps. It’s all about making the most of this time in my life.”

“I’ve had some great experiences through dating apps like Hinge,” Aaron Bell, a business major, said. “It’s a different way to meet people, but I think it’s pretty cool. Still, my academics come first. Finding someone who respects that
 is crucial.” 

General Studies major, Shelby Brown, said dating apps act as a modern-day Cupid. “Being new to college, I’ve been using dating apps to meet people. It’s convenient and fun, but I’m also making sure to keep my priorities straight. College is an opportunity to learn and grow, and I’m doing just that.”

Some students are more interested in their homework than they are dating apps. “Honestly, I’ve been more focused on my studies in my
last year of college,” Brody Caldwell, a computer science major, said. “My goal is to land a
great job after graduation. Dating can wait a bit. I’ve found it’s easier to connect with
like-minded people through clubs and events
on campus.”

Nursing Major, Sydnie Allen, said school can be overwhelming. “I’ve found that dating can be a source of support. It’s all about finding someone who understands your goals and can motivate you to succeed in both your love life and your career.” 

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