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Online classes have been the bane of my existence because of communication issues, lack of a healthy educational environment and lack of my own motivation. Communication in online classes between teachers and students can be tricky and cause issues. As a student, I have a busy schedule from managing two jobs, education, mental health and a healthy relationship with my peers, so I have a limited amount of time to ask questions when outside of a classroom setting. When It comes to online classes, frustration can arise because getting in contact with teachers, and receiving a concise answer in a timely manner can be difficult. 

The communication problem was especially present during the COVID Pandemic when online classes were required, and a lot of students were asking questions because of the new learning curve of online classes. 

Sometimes, instructors have a hard time getting into contact with students because of the amount of students they have to cater to. The communication breakdown can be detrimental to grades and the understanding of the class subject. This issue is usually not prominent in hybrid or in-person classes, because with instructors and students present, questions can easily be asked and answered.

 A classroom setting is specifically designed to allow learning to thrive. Most classrooms lack the many distractions that can be present outside of school buildings, so it is easier to stay focused on education. In online classes however, the atmosphere is completely different. It can be difficult to find an environment that is not distracting, with television and the internet readily accessible, it’s far too easy to get hindered in online classes. Even in libraries or cafes, technology can be distracting, as well as people in those environments. In comparison, classrooms have one purpose – education. Distractions are not as prominent. Those who are in classrooms have the goal of getting their grade and getting out, and don’t have time to distract others.

Finally, the debatably most difficult part of remote classes is  motivation. When left to my own devices, it can be challenging to complete work. When there is so much going on in the world, remote classes often are pushed to the back of my mind. The lack of a connection to classmates and instructors discourages my motivation to put forward my best work. It’s tough to stay motivated when all you receive from an online class is a grueling educational experience, a questionable grade and occasionally some feedback on assignments. In-person classes offer an optimal educational experience that should not be underestimated, because when down to it, remote classes can be burdensome.

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