Badger Central soon to offer Apple products to students


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Illustration by HAYDEN SPLAWN

Amarillo College’s bookstore, Badger Central Bookstore and Cafe, will soon be an accredited Apple reseller. 

“Once we have the accreditation, we will finally be able to turn out Apple computers as well as HP computers,” Edgardo Yebra, staff coordinator for Badger Central Bookstore and Cafe, said. “Another big thing in the works is we happen to have an electronics and games buyer on the way.” 

Yerba said the new electronics and games buyer will aid in the purchasing of computers and other electronics to be stocked at the bookstore. The new staff member will also be helping to acquire new games for the cafe’s Thursday free play nights.

Students interested in purchasing or renting laptops in the immediate future should be aware that the laptop stock is low and the rental program is unavailable at the moment.  With the incoming of the new electronics and games buyer, the rental program should be available again in future. “Once we actually have our laptops and games buyer here, we’re actually going to have them purchasing everything for us as quickly as possible for every student, and hopefully, have the rental system operational as soon as possible,” Yebra said.

Yebra said Badger Central Bookstore and Cafe is looking for more student input. “We are looking to spice things up and make things readily available for the students,” he said.

For students needing computer access, The Underground is located in the basement of Ware Student Commons on the Washington Street Campus and it offers study spaces, along with computer and printer access. “If I ever need a quiet space to just do some homework or study something, it’s nice,” Thomas Brindle, a general studies major, said. He said he never has a problem finding an available computer. 

Another resource available to AC students is the library. They also have free to use computers, printer access and staff. “There’s plenty available to students,” Brindle said.  “If I ever need help, or I need to find something they’re quite useful.” 

Students should be aware, however, that the library does not offer rental services for laptops. “We don’t have laptops that students can rent or check out up here,” Emily Gilbert, director of libraries, said. “We have a lab with computers that students can use when they’re here on campus.” She said the computer lab is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Fridays.  

Along with the computer lab, the library also has different resources in place to assist students in different aspects of their education.  “We have librarians up here that can help with research and citations,” Gilbert said. “We also have a selection of textbooks that we can checkout for a semester for free.”  

While the library does not check out computers, Gilbert said they do check out calculators and has a program where cell phones can be checked out for students to have access to free wi-fi at home. “Each of those programs has a limited number of items to check out, and it’s always first-come-first serve,” she said. 

The library is located on the fourth floor of the Ware Building, and Gilbert said the staff there are readily available to answer any questions that a student might have. “We’re information brokers,” Gilbert said. “So, we will seek out that information for them and make sure that they know the right place to go.” 

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