Book burning barbecue for freedom

A fascist’s journey to freedom

By Lance Hooper 


When going full fascist there is a list of basics you’re going to want to abide by, and first and foremost you’re going to need to get behind an ideological belief system that is stringent, rigid and pious in its theocracy, so find extreme religion. The second fundamental step in your journey to freedom and fascism is to support only nationalist causes, closed borders, anti-immigration and gun rights. 

Start throwing scary words around like socialism and the woke mob to cast confusion on any conversation. Critical thinking has no place in a fascist regime, so immediately start attacking education and how it is delivered to future fascist. There is no need for education when the rapture is right around the corner. 

Art imitates life, so anything that doesn’t align with your new found belief system needs to be banned. 

Hey y’all let’s have a book burning party. I’ll bring the matches and lighter fluid, because books that inspire creative and critical thoughts should be burned, we can’t have people thinking for themselves. Studying history is a good way to take measures on the bad parts of history not repeating, so let’s slow down on the history lessons, in fact let’s rewrite history so we don’t have to burn as many books. 

The main fascist fundamental your going to want to get behind on your fun fascist journey to freedom is find a group of people to hate, marginalize someone, fixate on creating a bad guy, anyone that opposes your views. For sure pick easy targets, and then use your ideological beliefs to persecute your new found enemy of the state. 

The irony in the fundamentals of fascism is you will need to proclaim you are being persecuted against and your beliefs are being attacked, you will need to be threatened by others in order to properly rope others in to your cause.

Whatever you do, be super careful what carbonated adult beverage you drink. Some beers will take you to the dark side, so beware. Throw big words around like socialism, and if that doesn’t work, throw in communism, because they sound effective, never mind you cut education spending so the meanings are blurred. 

Misery loves company but fascist barbecue and book burnings while protesting a book reading is where fascism and fun begin, just add some barbecue sauce. It’s a covered dish y’all so bring the potato salad. Next week is a fascist Tupperware party and toy drive.

Fascism has almost become that blatant and extreme under the disguise of patriotism, freedom, charitable causes that real patriots are being persecuted against because of their fight for freedom, unfortunately their fight doesn’t include all Americans. Those that don’t align with nationalistic ideologies are somehow anti-American, therefore we must change the laws to marginalize those individuals and groups, to criminalize their behavior. 

Tehran did it in the late 1970s and Nazi Germany did in the early 1930s. They normalized fascist behaviors under the disguise of workers and the economy and religious persecution, only to gain power and form authoritarian regimes and the rest is history. History in these times is worth revisiting not rewriting.

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