AC Students in Spring study slump

By Anna Carillo

Student Reporter

Spring marks the beginning of new temperatures and sunnier days, but it also is the end of some college students’ classes and college journey in general. Some students feel a weight lifted off their shoulders as classes come to an end and final grades are being posted. But for some, it causes stress and an urgency to work harder.  

“I always slow down a bit on my studying as spring comes around and I’m in my last four weeks of class. I know that’s kind of a problem and I should work toward the end, but knowing it’s about to be summer just makes me want to get over with classes,” Victoria Ramos, a biology major, said.

According to The, the fall semester can feel like the time to work hard and keep a routine. There are only a few days off and students look forward to their semester break. Then spring semester comes along and it seems like there are all these long-weekends and days off to look forward to. 

While this may seem like a positive, it turns out that the fall kept them on track. It’s easy to avoid homework when they can tell themselves they’ll just do it over a long weekend. Then all of a sudden they are halfway through the semester and a month behind. 

“Recently I have felt like I’ve been running on fumes. Spring just makes me feel like it’s time to put up the books and relax. The weather is nice and warm, and I would rather be outside enjoying that than worrying about my grades,” Laila Martinez, a biology major, said.

Some ways to combat this study slump would be for students to put themselves back into that hard working attitude. Even if it’s just the beginning of the semester, scheduling their days like those homework assignments are the same weight as studying for a big exam. Maybe get everything done during the week and then enjoy themselves instead of stressing about what they’re not getting done. There are plenty of students who struggle to keep themselves accountable. Keeping a to-do list of their assignments can also help them keep track of things and not get behind or forget about any of their work. 

“I feel that spring gives me an extra boost to work harder on my assignments. The semester is about to end, why risk getting lower grades because of a slump. I think you should always finish strong in all scenarios,” Enrrique Carrillo, an education major, said.

 Spring is an easy place for students to fall behind but it can also be a great motivation to push them forward, make sure they put out their best work and end the year off great. 

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