New AI technology presents challenges


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ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that generates any question that a person may have. 

According to Thomas de Jesus, lead web developer, ChatGPT gives a conversational answer to any question.

“For example, if you type in ‘give me a suggestion for a 10-year-old boy’s birthday’ in Google, it’ll give you a bunch of websites that will offer you suggestions for birthdays, but ChatGPT will say, first get him the Xbox,” de Jesus said. “Next, invite all of his friends over. And it provides you with a detailed answer.” 

Alen Huerta, an education major, said that honesty is the best policy. “I usually stay in my own lane. It’s more about integrity, whether it’s something you want to learn or not. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve cheated before in classes that I did not care about at all, but at the end of the day, it does come to integrity,” Huerta said.

Professors are trying to keep up with the newest technology available to them.

“I do think that in order to keep up with technology, I’m going to have to be progressive and willing to accept that this is the future,” Trena Rider, instructor and program coordinator for early childhood education, said. “We currently use SafeAssign to detect if there is plagiarized information when students submit work and that is very helpful that I can see myself investigating more how AI works. The other thing that I understand about ChatGPT is basically creating pathways much like our neurological development has occurred. So it’s a replica of the human brain in ways so we definitely know that I am going to have to be ready for it. It’s just a big transition for me,” Rider said.

According to de Jesus there are new tools that can detect AI-generated work, but there are also new tools to work against that.

“There’s a lot of ethical issues with ChatGPT and quite frankly, probably should scare everyone from the ninth grade up as far as how it can be used and how there are already tools that are combating it trying to detect whether something was generated by an AI. There are now new tools that will do that for the person who generated the content to fix it so it doesn’t look like it was generated by an AI. So, this is going to be a problem for instructors for a while,” de Jesus said.

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