God save the queens


Drag shows have been a staple of self expression and art in the LGBTQ community for decades. The art of drag can trace its roots back hundreds of years, when men took the role of women on stage. No one seemed to care then; however, some modern day Republicans convulse at the sight of a drag performer.  U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, a Republican from Texas, took to Twitter, demonizing drag shows, crying out to “shame every Democrat for cheering on these SICK people!!!!” (The amount of exclamation points is not an embellishment. This is exactly what he tweeted.) 

Jackson also went on to rant about wasting taxpayers’ money, not understanding how access to public buildings works. A quick peek on Twitter will show he isn’t bringing this same vitriol to the growing epidemic of gun violence in schools. 

Recently, Christian and Republican groups in Amarillo petitioned Mayor Ginger Nelson to censor and even outright cancel a traveling performance called “A Drag Queen Christmas” that took place Nov. 29 at the Amarillo Globe News Center. 

Nelson held meetings with local pastors about ‘morals’ and ‘protecting children,’ but luckily understood that hosting drag shows isn’t illegal. She stated publicly that she was praying for the people of Amarillo to find Jesus. Whatever that has to do with drag shows wasn’t addressed outside of closed door meetings.

U.S. Senator-elect Kevin Sparks, a Republican from Texas, spoke out about the performance, citing concern for the “emotional well being and safety of children” and “the erosion of family values.” It’s a good thing he’s looking out for America’s future, only, he’s a full supporter of unrestricted gun rights. So, maybe not every child’s future matters to Sparks, only those that make it out of public schooling.

Sam Burnett, of the Amarillo Area Transgender Advocacy Group, said he believes these complaints are hypocritical. It’s hard not to agree with that stance. The letters to and from Mayor Nelson, and the rabid, hate-filled Tweets call upon teachings of the Bible, and urge citizens to take a higher moral stance.

Like Burnett states, “These politicians should practice what the Bible teaches, because nowhere in that Bible does it tell them to judge people.” 

Come on, snowflakes. What’s the deal with trying to cancel self-expression?

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