New anime ‘Chainsaw Man’ slays





This fall season has brought many great anime to watch. “My Hero Academia,” “Spy Family,” to “Your Eternity” and “Mob Psycho 100” have all gotten new seasons this fall but there’s one new anime that may outshine them all–“Chainsaw Man.”

This anime is gruesome, so I don’t recommend it for those who are faint of heart. There’s blood and gore similar to that of Amazon’s “Invincible.” 

The story revolves around a boy whose life has gone astray thanks to the debt his father left behind. To pay back the debt, he has sold parts of his body and contracted with a dog-like chainsaw devil and kills other devils. He’s barely able to even afford food to feed himself and his demon dog, so, when given the opportunity to make more money by defeating another demon, he takes it. It ends up being a trap and he is left to be torn apart by zombies created by a zombie devil. To keep him alive, his chainsaw companion becomes his heart creating a human-devil fusion where his arms and head become chainsaws that literally chop his limbs in half and dissolve when not in use.

If you are able to handle gore and gruesome action, take a shot at this show as it has an amazing story despite only having two episodes as of writing this. It is very enjoyable to watch and the animation and music are very well done and give off a great atmosphere that suits the story. 

“Chainsaw Man” is available to watch on Crunchyroll and Hulu. 

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