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Amarillo College’s DisAbility Services can accommodate any disability, allowing all students an equal opportunity. “It can be physical. It can be mental health. It can be medical conditions, autoimmune diseases,” Jerri Najera, the coordinator of DisAbility Services, said.

Many of these services focus on increasing students’ success in classes. “It’s individualized; it depends on the student,” Nejera said. 

Students can receive accommodations including notetakers, sign language interpreters, different types of book formats, extra time on tests, isolated testing and breaks during classes. These modifications can be adapted to meet students’ needs. 

Jakob Padilla, a computer information major, said he appreciates his accommodations. “Extra time gives me a more comfortable testing environment,” he said. “When I can’t focus on a test, extra time gives me more leniency.” 

In order to apply for DisAbility Services, students need to fill out the application on the AC website, using their ACNetID and password. 

Once approved, students then submit the required documentation. The final step in the process is receiving an accommodation plan. 

Currently, AC cannot test for disabilities; however, the DisAbility Services staff can recommend doctors if the student does not already have a diagnosis. Once students have an accurate diagnosis, they can then apply for accommodations. 

Mathematics Instructor Tara Meraz said she is a supporter of DisAbility Services. “Students should use it, if they need it. I encourage it. DisAbility Services are amazing,” Meraz said.

Courtney Milleson, a speech communication professor, said she appreciates the help her students get from DisAbility Services. “When a student in my class has an accommodation, it just means there is one more person on the student’s success team. It is a helpful tool. 

If I need help ensuring an assignment is appropriate for the student, I reach out to the professionals for guidance. Many times, I’ve been affirmed in my choices or coached into approaching an assignment differently,” Millleson said. 

DisAbility Services is located on the third floor of the Ware Student Commons building on the Washington Street Campus. 

In-person and virtual services are available. For more information call 806-345-5639 or check out https://www.actx.edu/disability/.

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