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Birth control has been around for years, and it is something that everyone knows about.

However, the price of birth control isn’t talked about enough and it’s time to shed some light on the subject. Some women go on birth control to avoid getting pregnant, but for some, it’s not just about preventing pregnancy. I was put on birth control because my periods were excruciating. I tried all different types, the pill, the IUD and the patch.

The pill was the cheapest option so that is where I started, and it did absolutely nothing for me other than cause awful mood swings and acne. Then I went on to the IUD. That was the worst pain of my life and only made that time of the month worse. Finally, I got on the patch, and it is the best thing ever. My time of the month is barely noticeable, and I feel so much better physically and emotionally.

I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it after the pill if I didn’t have the amazing insurance I do. Every four months I go get my refill and I pay nothing. If I didn’t have insurance, it would be $700 every time. That’s $2,100 a year. That would be impossible if I had to pay it in full every time.

The pill can be free, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s not fair that women must suffer because they can’t afford the birth control that works for them.

I, as a woman, should still feel like myself and happy when I am on birth control, without having to worry if I can afford it the next month. I am a fortunate person, but a lot are not and it breaks my heart that they don’t get the things they need. I think it’s important for the issue to be talked about, and I will forever stand by the way I feel about how outrageous the cost of birth control really is.

Something needs to change, and I want to make it my mission to change it. I want to make a difference in someone’s life who is dealing with not being able to get birth control because of its price.

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