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Amarillo College is going into its 11th annual Resource Fair on Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and although students are notified about it, not many know what to expect.

Jacque Huerta works in Amarillo College’s Advocacy and Resource Center. Huerta said she is excited to see how the resource fair plays out, this will be her first year attending the event resource fair but knows there has been a great turnout for past fairs. Huerta also mentioned working in Amarillo Colleges’ Advocacy and Resource Center has shown her how crucial it is to have support services for students.

A prime example, Huerta pointed out, was that the biggest difference between public school aid and college aid is students sometimes have financial barriers while attending college, whether it be utilities, rent or other needs. There is a certain requirement for GPA and enrolled hours, but that is all that is asked for.

“To some people “it’s just a bill” but to some students, it may be the bill that keeps their lights on or off, and for those students “that bill being paid means everything to them,” said Huerta. On the academic side of the resource fair, Huerta said that most of the Amarillo Colleges resources will be attending such as the AC Foundation, AC Counseling Center, AC legal clinic, AC financial aid, AC police department, along with many others will be attending the fair.

Corina Nunez, who also works in Amarillo Colleges Resource Center, also shared her hopes for the resource fair. This year will be Nunez’s first year attending the resource fair as well.“I am excited for the students getting the chance to interact with these agencies, giving them the chance to interact face to face makes it more welcoming and the students are more willing to reach out if they’ve already met them,” Nunez said. Nunez also said there will be chances for students to win scholarships. Resources are always available in the Resource Center, however, the resource fair extends outside of what the Resource Center offers, such as the food pantry, child care, transportation and emergency assistance.

Sarah Robel, an early childhood education major, and Sina Aria, a computer science major, are two students at Amarillo College who both say they see the resource fair as useful and insightful. Robel said it offers a great way for students to be able to reach out and get information on subjects they might not know about. They both say they are excited to attend the fair and see what it has to offer.

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