New badgers begin their journey

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New student orientation is nothing new to anyone starting school, but Amarillo College has created a unique version called Badger Beginnings. According to Miranda McHugh, the new student orientation coordinator, AC’s Badger Beginnings is a summer orientation event specifically designed for high school students entering AC. She also said, “This program is a little longer than our general new student orientations, but includes a lot more engagement and activity on behalf of the new student.”

According to McHugh, Badger Beginnings focuses more on social connections. Another aspect of Badger Beginnings is the introduction of orientation leaders to head up groups of new students and foster relationships with them. One of the students who served as an orientation leader for the last Badger Beginnings was Osyris Padilla, an education major.

“My experience was very unforgettable and undoubtedly made my love for Amarillo College grow,” Padilla said. “I didn’t get the in-person orientation my first year at AC because of COVID, so to actually be a part of it the following year was amazing.”

Padilla said that during Badger Beginnings she was informed of critical information that helped her thrive during her time in school and led her to join the Student Government Association. She suggests current students seek out opportunities to join clubs and become leaders. “I highly recommend getting involved. Not only does it look great on a transcript, but you truly grow and make unbreakable bonds,” she said. “I’ve met amazing people who I can truly call my friends and made my college experience beyond worth it.”

McHugh said current AC students can apply now to be orientation leaders. “We have an application for any student to apply, as long as they have attended Amarillo College for at least two semesters and are in good academic standing.”

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