Student says America should stay out of Ukraine


Student Reporter

America should not get involved in the Ukraine/Russia crisis.

This statement alone has the unfortunate power to imply a certain degree of immorality or sociopathy to any individual uttering it. However, one glance at the state of our union can shed light on why any reluctance to get involved in this conflict.

For instance, it is no secret that political polarization is at an all-time high with hard-liners from both sides of the spectrum typically dominating the discourse as opposed to the cooler heads of the moderates and independents that reside in the middle.

This alarming trend would be bad enough on its own, but it just so happens to be coinciding with a similar problem within our economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation has hit a 40-year high; and when coupled with relatively stagnate wages and abysmal gross domestic product growth rates over the past 20 years, the impression is given that the middle class is becoming increasingly starved for room to breathe.

The dire straits that our economy is in can be measured in other ways as well. The Pew Research Center shows that the percentage of young adults aged 18-29 years old that are having to live with their parents is at an all-time high.

If none of those facts are cause for concern, then perhaps neither is the fact that our national debt is more than $30 trillion and rising. Nothing to see here, folks.

We’re looking at an American population that is rife with anger and distrust toward itself, lackluster wage growth, increasing dependency parents, increasing debt and an overall decline in overall hope for the future.

I, for one, am still optimistic and truly believe that these are problems that can be solved if we can find a way to come together as a country. My sympathies truly go out to the people of Ukraine, but there’s a reason why it’s said that you need to secure your own oxygen mask before trying to secure the masks of others. And it’s the same reason why we literally JUST left Afghanistan after 20 years of war. Are we ready for another 20?

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