Anime theme songs gain 100,000 watts of power

DANIEL ANTILLON | The Ranger Mason Dugat showing his passion for anime through his show and apparel.



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FM90 has a new show for anime lovers called the Weebo Show. The show, which started this semester, airs every Wednesday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

The creator and host of the Weebo Show is Mason Dugat, also known as QC. He came up with the idea during the 2021 fall semester. QC said his original idea was to have a radio show that played music from video games or songs from different countries.

“The thing with anime is that it’s always been popular, just never in the spotlight,’’ he said.

QC said that in the mid 2000s it became more acceptable to watch anime and to be into other nerdy stuff. He also said that he plans to do a theme for the show every other week. 

Amy Presely, the FM90 program director, said that since the first show, which aired Jan. 26, the station has received positive feedback. 

“This is the first show we’ve had that has played music from anime and leaned on Japanese culture,” she said. 

Presley said that she thinks this show could be for anyone who likes anime, Japanese culture or fun music and that it’s kind of its own genre. 

She also said it might appeal to people who are into new music and hearing something different that they have never heard before. 

“There’s an opportunity that even people in Radio One have, if they have their own idea or if they’re comfortable enough to have their own show, they’re more than welcome to submit a proposal,” Jaclyn Harris, FM90 student music director, said.

FM90 can be heard on 89.9 FM or at

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