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Key Glock is a 24 -year-old Memphis rapper who  has risen  to stardom with “Russian Cream,” a chart- topping hit. 

Once ‘Mr. Glock’ or ‘Glizock’ hit the charts, he planned on staying there by signing with late Memphis rapper, Young Dolph. The dynamic duo released another hit song “Major” which earned Mr. Glock more traction in the rap game. Although the two were cousins by marriage, they collaborated on two albums titled “Dum and Dummer.”

Glizock released his newest album, “Yellow Tape 2” which was released November 5, a week and a half before Young Dolph’s death. This album was a sequel to last year’s “Yellow Tape” which rightfully earned number 14 on Billboard 200. 

“Yellow Tape 2” shows just how smooth Key Glock floats on all 20 tracks with his southern slang. In this album, he expresses his love for money and his addiction to getting money but also Mr.Glock remembers who he is and where he comes from.

The different speeds on all of the instrumentals guide Mr. Glock’s vocals and his flow which adds variety compared to his past albums. Glizock does not sound the same in every song like rappers nowaday. 

Top songs on the album include “Something Bout Me” where he talks about himself and his hustle. Glizock tells listeners in “Channel 5” despite having money he will never will be someone to go against. As said before Mr. Glock has a hustler mentality and says exactly that in “Ambition for Cash.”

My top three songs  are  “Luv a Thug,” “Gangsta” and “Quarterback” simply because you can hear Mr.Glock change his flow on the different beats, which is an important characteristic for music artists in the industry. 

Key Glock represents his hood and embodies this persona through his music. More than half of the songs  on this album are head-bobbing and worthy enough to know word-for-word.

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