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As the weather starts to get cold, we get excited for the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, well not so much Thanksgiving. As soon as November first hits we a bombarded with Christmas decorations because we as a nation completely skip over Thanksgiving and straight to Christmas. Some would say we do give Thanksgiving attention, but we don’t give Thanksgiving nearly as much attention as we do Christmas. Thanksgiving is given a small section of decorations, while Christmas is given big sections even multiple isles. Christmas is given a whole month before just for decorations and music, while Thanksgiving is barely given a month. As a nation, we forget the importance of Thanksgiving, and no I’m not talking about what it was originally celebrated for, I’m talking about how this is a holiday made for giving thanks. Some would say Christmas is important as well because that’s the day when Jesus was born, but how many people can say they put Jesus over the gifts they receive that day? Or how many people can say Jesus is all they think about on that day and they spend the whole day worshiping? Not many people can.

Yes, I do agree with Christmas being an important holiday but the decorations come up way too soon. At the beginning of November, I went to TJ Maxx and they already had the Christmas decorations and music up. I sat there thinking about why are the decorations out so soon? Where are the Thanksgiving decorations and why does Thanksgiving not have any music? When you think about it Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that doesn’t have music made for it. Also playing Christmas music so early makes me not even want to listen to Christmas music when Christmas comes around. What is even crazy to me is some stores never take their Christmas decorations down, for example, Hobby Lobby has their Christmas decorations all year round. Some people don’t even take their Christmas tree down and they will leave it up all year.

You can call me a scrooge, but bringing the decorations in so soon takes away from the holiday because people aren’t thinking about what Christmas is actually about, they are only thinking about decorations. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, not to decorate until you can’t decorate anymore, and it’s even in the movies we watch. Christmas movies rarely talk about Jesus anymore, they mostly talk about love, decorations, or spending time with family. Don’t get me wrong all of that is important, but that’s not what the whole holiday is about. It’s a proven fact people love Christmas more than Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn’t get nearly as much recognition people are even trying to get rid of Thanksgiving. Yes, I do understand most people are trying to get rid of Thanksgiving due to the history behind it, but it putting all that aside it is still a day to be appreciative of everything. Thanksgiving is no longer a day about wanting to be appreciative it’s now a day that has little to no recognition.

Although Christmas is an important holiday, I believe that the decorations come out way too soon and it takes away from the holiday. I also believe that if people want Christmas to be as “important” as it is now, they need to put the actual importance of Christmas back in it. Lastly think all holidays should get the exact same treatment as Christmas, especially Thanksgiving in all actuality Thanksgiving deserves more recognition regardless of its past.

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