CUB remodel in final stages

SHAWN McCREA | The Ranger Jake O'Conner, a graphic design major, sits in the newly-remodeled cafe working on classwork. "It looks nice," he said about the new amenities.



The College Union building has had a large-scale remodel, adding many new amenities that students will soon be able to enjoy.

The amenities will include a completely remodeled basement for the art department, a new cafe and bookstore, and food options for students to be able to eat meals on campus.

“I think it’s gonna be really nice for the art department,” said Danny Smith, master plan program manager. “But not only that, they’re gonna have a really nice cafe up top, we built a complete kitchen, we put a new hood in there for the kitchen appliances, all the stoves and the fryers and everything, and a pizza oven. So there’s going to be a very nice little restaurant on campus now that students can go over there and pick up a quick sandwich or something like that between their classes and not have to leave campus. So the cafe and the bookstore are going to really be awesome looking when we finish.”

Following the completion of the new facility for the art department, they will be packing and moving all of their equipment from Russell Hall.

“We are going to be very relieved when the move is complete,” said Stephanie Jung, art instructor. “And we are really grateful to have such a nice new space to be moving into. We are in this spot right now where it’s kind of challenging to pack up all the odds and ends, but we’re sort of in the homestretch of doing that.”

Having a cafe with a full kitchen will be an entirely new experience for students and staff at Amarillo College, now being able to order full meals instead of just small items like at the previous cafe.

“We do have a full commercial kitchen,” said Andrew Flores, director of the Badger Central bookstore and cafe. “This is gonna allow us to make made to order food and will also allow us to do catering for events on campus. And of course you know if you just want just a basic latte or even just get a fountain drink or tea this would be the place to go. Of course I think the one thing that everyone’s gonna be looking forward to is our pizza oven. So we’ll be actually making pizzas in house.”

As well as being able to enjoy the option to have food and drink on campus, the cafe will also provide new job opportunities for students as well.

“I think there’s gonna be some really exciting opportunities for students to apply for jobs in the cafe,” Flores said. “Whether it’s working as a barista or learning how to cook, or really, you know,  we’re enthusiastic about hosting spaces for the game events.”

The book store is now open to students and the cafe will be following it soon.

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