PTA students hold wheelchair basketball tournament

AC Physical Therapy Assistant students' wheelchair basketball tournament was held in conjunction with One Chair at a Time. Shawn McCrea | The Ranger

Shawn McCrea

Students from Amarillo College’s Physical Therapy Assistant gathered at The Amarillo Netplex to compete in a wheelchair basketball tournament.

 The chairs were provided by One Chair At A Time, an Amarillo non-profit organization that helps provide sport wheelchairs to disabled children and young adults in the Texas panhandle and surrounding regions who want to compete in sports.

Joe Chris Rodriguez, the founder of One Chair At A Time, hopes this experience will leave a lasting impression on the PTA students. 

 “What we hope is that this gives them a whole different outlook on a lot of things. When they get a job, they can totally get their patient into sports, but also, get a different outlook on the things that everybody takes for granted every day.”

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