Police puts safety first

Officer Morice Jackson safely conducts traffic and helps students cross 24th Street during the first week of the fall semester. RAYGAN LOPEZ | The Ranger


Staff Reporter

With the return of fully in-person classes, student safety when traveling to and from classes or activities is one of the highest priorities for the Amarillo College police department.

Officers say they plan to engage more with students to make the campuses feel safer and more homelike.

“We plan on getting out there, being more approachable and more accessible,” Scott Acker, AC police chief said.

“We’re here for the preservation of life. If anyone comes on campus whether it be a student, faculty or staff, their visit here will be a safe one,” Acker said.

With the addition of 12 bicycles from the University of Southern California this summer, officers say they hope to be more approachable while riding around on campus. 

AC employees and students say they have noticed the increased police presence.

“They do a very good job at building rapport with the students,” Aaron Faver, a government professor, said. “They make it very well-known that they have a lot of resources that the students can use.”

Acker said helping students and staff is the department’s top priority.

“We want to make sure we build that partnership with the AC community, make it stronger, let the people know were here and available,” Acker said. “You can count on us anytime.” 

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