Adios virtual learning

By Brooke McKinney

Staff Reporter

After two years of primarily online class delivery, AC has returned to in-person classes. Students say they are happy to experience college in real life. 

Some students said they are grateful for the social interaction. “With my in-person classes, I am forced to see people and make friends,said Emily Cardeneas, an engineering major. “It’s a great way to get me out of my comfort zone,” Cardeneas said 

Other students said in-person classes offer more opportunities for career preparation. “With being a business finance major, my job is to do lots of networking and meeting new people,”  Sean Meadows said. ”It teaches me how to be outgoing and is honestly a great experience,” he said. 

Some students said they found learning online more difficult. “Not only is it harder to learn the setup for surgical technology in an online lab, but I am a hands-on and visual learner not an auditory learner,” said Sierra Buse, a surgical technology major.

Mackenzie Moreman, an undeclared major, finished her senior year of high school online and said she is grateful not to be taking remote classes in college.

“I hated being online. It was very impersonal and unmotivating,” Moreman said.  Sometimes I question how I even passed considering I didn’t do most of the work assigned to me.”

While many students have decided to come back to campus in-person, some have decided to take both online and face-to-face courses. 

“With my online courses I am able to do things more at my own pace,” Rae Salazar, an early childhood education major, said. 

Salazar said that she finds in-person classes more time consuming. “With online I don’t have to worry about running into my professors and them asking how my assignments are coming along. With face-to-face, however, I have to see them multiple times a week,” she said.

While many students said they are excited to be back on campus, they also said that they are worried about high COVID numbers moving courses back online. 

“I hated the online courses so much that I almost dropped all my courses to just work and take time away from school until we were able to go in person again,” Buse said.

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