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On Sept. 1, Governor Greg Abbott signed Texas back into the 1970s. Senate Bill 8, also known as the Heartbeat Bill, also known as a violation of women’s rights, is the strictest abortion law ever passed. 

This bill bans abortions at about six weeks. This tyranny also authorizes any person in the country to sue a person who helped a patient access an abortion or a person who performed an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Six weeks pregnant means your menstrual cycle is two weeks late. Most women do not even suspect pregnancy at six weeks due to irregular cycles, which are caused by a multitude of things. Stress, nutrition, birth control, hormones, exercise, medication, body fat, sexually transmitted diseases, a new sexual partner, polycystic ovary syndrome, any change to a woman’s body can affect the regularity of a woman’s cycle. By the time a woman might even think she is pregnant, it is too late to consider an abortion. 

Men in politics do not know a damn thing about a woman’s reproductive system. This is not about saving the unborn, this is about controlling women. 

I am pissed. I am infuriated. I am livid. Every synonym for mad, that is what I am. The punishment for abortion is harsher than the punishment for rape. For example, Max Helm from Fiji Fraternity has yet to be punished. Austin James Wilkerson from the University of Colorado has yet to be held accountable. Shane Piche, Brock Turner, David Becker, Nicholas Fifield, John P. Enoch and the hundreds of thousands of rapists have not been punished. 

People with a uterus do not impregnate themselves. There is a penis attached to every abortion. If the physician is getting punished, then the sperm donor should be punished too.

Child support should start at six weeks and the absent father should be imprisoned for not paying child support.  

Senate Bill 8 places a target on women. Men tell women, “Well, don’t have sex if you don’t want to get pregnant.” How about you get a vasectomy if you don’t want to get a woman pregnant. 

This is not about abortion, because if it were then the U.S. would discuss early and continuing sex education, provide free birth control, health care for all, make child care financially feasible, mandatory parental leave, increase the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, mandate harder sentencing for rape, fix the foster care system and make adoption more accessible. 

This bill is not pro-life, it is pro-birth and Texas lawmakers did not consider life after birth. Texans, stop using the Bible to justify your reasons for banning abortion. What a woman does with her body is none of your business. 

Last time I checked, church and state are separate in the United States so get your religious beliefs out of my uterus and the uterus of 12.6 million other women. Be pro-life for you and your body but not mine. Oh and no uterus, no opinion. 

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