Lace’m up!


By Isaiah Flores

Staff Reporter

Get ready to lace up your running shoes, because it’s time to run. 

Amarillo College intramural sports is having a 500-mile challenge for students, faculty and staff.

The challenge begins Jan. 25 and ends May 7. The goal for this challenge is to complete 500 miles between these two time periods in order to win a prize. Competitors who make it past 400 miles will also qualify to win a prize.

Trent Oneal, the intramural specialist, described the event as a way “to help people with their New Year’s resolutions.” Oneal called this competition “a lofty challenge for students.” 

Students can sign up by downloading an app called IMLeagues, create a free account and check out all the sports available. There are other kinds of sports for students to get involved in such as: tennis league, volleyball skills contest, snowball fight, basketball skills contest, a gladiator challenge and March madness. 

Although Oneal said it’s difficult to be a part of intramurals during this pandemic, he said he encourages students to participate because it “gives them something to do.” He said he urges students to “challenge themselves. Get them out of their normal schedules.” He also said that it’s “great exercise, a way to meet people, and even goes on a student’s transcript

Krystal Sisneros, an art major, said participating in intramurals is “really helpful toward my health.” 

Adriana Ornelas, a receptionist for the Fitness and Wellness Center and a physical therapy major, said intramural sports is “a great way to interact with kids your own age, relieve stress at college, and become involved in a diverse group of students.” 

She added that participating in intramurals “encourages them to fully experience the college life. It really helps you become a more outgoing person.” 

Although the pandemic has kept many students away from campus, intramurals has offered a wide variety of activities. “Despite this pandemic Mr. Trent has found a way for students to interact, and provide activities to do at home,” Ornelas said.

For more information, contact Trent Oneal at or call 371-5965

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