Pixar’s new shorts are poppin’

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By Alyssa Fant

Online Editor

A new series of shorts have recently been released to Disney+. There are 10 shorts, each one about two to five minutes long, making a total of 22 minutes of watch time. They all use characters from some of their popular new movies.

Each of the shorts starts out with the famous Pixar logo opening, except involving popcorn in some way, as the shorts are called “Pixar Popcorn” because of how short each one is. Disney+ advertises the shorts as “Grab a quick snack of Pixar! This collection of mini shorts stars your favorite characters in all-new, bit size stories. Created directly by Pixar animators as a quick pop of Pixar fun.”

Almost every short has no talking (with the exception of “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky and Bunny”). This seems to be to reach a broader audience so that any kid watching the shorts can enjoy no matter what language they speak or their reading abilities are. 

Not every short tells a narrative. For example, the shorts “Soul of the City” and “A Day in the Life of the Dead” are only a series of clips showing what life is like in the places depicted in the movies (“Soul” and “Coco”). 

My favorite short would have to be “Chore Day – The Incredibles Way.” This short creatively shows how each of the Incredibles would do their chores with their unique abilities and tools. It is quick-paced and ends by showing how the Incredibles can roast s’mores in the rain using their powers. It’s interesting how they can solve day-to-day problems by creatively using their powers to make life easier for themselves. It makes me wish I could see how a Jedi would use the force to help them do their chores. 

My least favorite shorts are the two “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky and Bunny,” which also happen to be the only two with any talking. The shorts only consist of the two characters, Ducky and Bunny, talking to each other. One about who is better and the other about the three-headed sheep.

Each of these shorts is five minutes long, making them the longest shorts, of only them talking. I may be biased since these two were not my favorite characters in “Toy Story 4” and I understand why someone might find it funny. The way the two bounce off each other sounds realistic and fast-paced; however, very little happens in the shorts themselves.

Overall I highly recommend these shorts if you want to watch them for yourself or show them to a little kid. 

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