Costumes go back to the basics Ghost tops them all

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Halloween 2020 may look a little bit different because of the ongoing pandemic. There will not be as many people trick-or-treating or gathering for parties, but many Amarillo College students say they are still planning to dress up in costumes for Halloween.

Top-selling costumes often reflect trends in the media. “I’m thinking Tiger King and Carol Baskin costumes might be popular,” Jacquelyn Blalock, a general studies major, said.

This year, social media has led to a resurgence of the traditional ghost costume. “The costume I know that is popular this year would be the classic ghost with the white sheet and cut out for eyes because of a TikTok video of teenagers just dressing up as the ghost and taking photos pulled in millions of views,” Steven Vences, an engineering major, said.

Retailers say they strive to offer a mix of trends and old favorites. “Every year people come into the store and get the basics like Michael Myers, Ninja Turtles, Alice in Wonderland, etc. but we also receive new costumes every season, showing us what is popular and is in style. This year, college kids have gotten the ghost costume, nurse, and Rick and Morty costumes,” said Ashley from Spirit Halloween Amarillo.

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