Festivities must go on Halloween spreads joy, not germs



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Halloween is right around the corner, and so is COVID-19 as Amarillo has its numbers rising once again. It is not going to cancel Halloween though, that’s for sure! Trick-or-treating on Halloween has been on many people’s minds lately. As usual, the Centers for Disease Control guidelines should be applied in order for Halloween to be a safe environment for both children and adults. Going door-to-door in your neighborhood might just be a bit different this year.

It’s insane how much COVID-19 has taken from us since December 2019. For example, proms, graduations, ceremonies, parties, concerts, and many holidays have been canceled solely because of a virus that keeps on spreading.

It even gave kids and college students an early summer in March 2020. Funerals have increased tremendously and unfortunately have hit home to many friends and relatives close and far. It is now October, and this virus won’t take away the celebration of candy, costumes, ghosts and so much more.

Going door-to-door this year can be dangerous because of the virus. Because parents want their children to be safe, we’ll see fewer little ones out trick-or-treating this year. There could be fewer parties this year in the neighborhoods, and some families might not celebrate the spooky holiday at all.

Instead of COVID-19 canceling yet another holiday celebration, try to make activities and plans as safe as possible for all friends and family.

CDC.gov does have Halloween guidelines for all of us to follow: “Avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters; give out treats outdoors if possible; wash hands before handling treats; wear a mask and make your cloth mask part of your costume.” They also mention having a sanitizer bottle at all times after touching objects and others and maintain six-foot social distancing standards in public areas.

Being safe is the number one priority, so always plan ahead before leaving somewhere public. Do not let the virus take away memories, whether Halloween is spent at home or trick-or-treating.

If staying home is a better idea, there are still many activities to do, such as carving and painting pumpkins, face painting scary faces, decorating the home inside and out, baking Halloween treats, and watching horror films. The festivities for fall are endless.

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