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By Emily Reeves, Staff Reporter

Despite the uncertainty of these last few months, graduation for the spring semester of 2020 is finally upon us.

Graduation means one exceptional student has been chosen to represent the graduating class by presenting a speech to the students, and this year Brenda Hernandez, a biology major, will present that message.

Hernandez began her education in Los Angeles, California, where she was not expected to even graduate high school, nor did she believe she would.

“It was hard in East LA, and very few people even graduated high school,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez’s view on education changed when her family moved to Dumas in 2012, when she was a sophomore in high school.

Brenda Hernandez

In Dumas, Hernandez completed her education, graduating in the top 20 percent of Dumas’s class of 2014. After graduating, Hernandez began work for a dentist office.

“I had no plans for college, but my coworkers encouraged me to pursue a degree,” she said. She then began taking classes at Amarillo College.

Hernandez had a hard time with college her first year. She is a first generation student, and was not active in campus activities.

“I went to classes and went straight back home,” she said.

She was dissatisfied with how her education was proceeding, but not willing to give up, so she decided to try some of the activities offered at AC.

“I joined several science clubs,” said Hernandez. “School got easier.”

After graduting, Hernandez will continue her education at The University of Texas at San Antonio, where she will work towards a bachelor’s degree in biology with the intent to become a dentist. 

Hernandez said she will deliver a speech designed to inspire other nontraditional students to keep pursuing their dreams.

“I want to encourage other students like me, but not just nontraditional students. I want to encourage everyone because it can be hard,” Hernandez said.

AC’s graduation ceremony for spring and summer graduates will be held on Thursday May 21 at 7 p.m. and will be completely virtual. 

According to college officials, spring graduates are invited back to walk the stage at AC’s next in-person graduation ceremony.

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