Valentine’s Day has arrived

Morice Jackson, AC police officer, and Anthony Cruz, mass media major, pose at the Valentine's Day photo booth.

By Anthony Cruz/ Staff reporter

It’s that special time of the year, Valentine’s Day! Many people have their girlfriend or boyfriend to spend it with; others spend it with their family and friends. To many, it’s a holiday where you can express your love and affection to one another. 

Joseph Tickenr, an Electrical Engineering Major, said that Valentine’s Day is the time of the year where he can appreciate his loved ones. Joseph has a girlfriend that he will be spending Valentine’s Day with, which is why this holiday is special to him.

“It is a day to tell people you care about, or you can show people you care about that you love them and express your feelings to them,” he said. “You need to express your feelings all the time but that’s like a day set aside to express your feelings to the people you love.”  

Brenda Jasso, a business office accounting clerk, said that Valentine’s Day means “friendship, love, family and happiness.” 

When asked if people feel down or upset on Valentine’s Day because they are single she said, “they shouldn’t, because I go out with my friend Judith and it’s Valentine’s. It’s not just, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s also about friendship.”   

Ryan Torres, a Civil engineering major, has plans with his girlfriend and plans on making her day special. “I have a reservation at an Italian restaurant, and then movie afterwards,” Torres said. When asked if women should be taking out their man on Valentine’s Day, his response was “Yeah its 2020 shoot your shot.”

When asked if women should take men out for Valentine’s Day, Pho Klay, a criminal Justice Major, said, “Yes. It’s because usually men always take the woman out first, so girls need to start doing that too because I feel like guys should be appreciated. They do most of the stuff like they got to be a gentleman, but like ladies got to step their game up too.” 

In the end, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to always love that person you care about. Show that love is not only celebrated on Valentine’s Day but every day; because you never know when it will be the last time you get to show them how much you care for them.

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