Regents discuss new program, more at meeting

By Lauren Ebben/ Editor in Chief

At the board meeting Dec. 10, Amarillo College officials voted to “fully support” a consultation contract with Semkhor Productions for help in the creation of a new program that will give students the opportunity to explore visual effects in the film industry, according to a statement given by Vice Chair Johnny Mize.  

This partnership will bring “an entirely new technologically based industry to Amarillo,” said AC President Russell Lowery-Hart. “It would start in what we call VFX, which is a film based use of technology where students would actually complete VFX aspects of films.”

This program will utilize the soon-to-be-built Innovation Hub for teaching these skills, according to Lowery-Hart.

Also at the board meeting, officials agreed upon a reached settlement of around $40,000 with Scott Edwards, a former professor of mortuary science at AC who was separated from the college more than a year ago.

According to Dan Henke, who read the statement on behalf of the board, “the amount of the settlement reached is far less” than any legal action the college could have taken.

This is the second settlement the college has reached with a former employee this year. 

Additionally, the board also approved the recommendation of Levin Architects as the architectural firm for two master plan projects: renovations to the Carter Fitness Center and HVAC infrastructure replacement. This firm was recommended by the Carter Fitness Center Design Committee and the HVAC and Energy Management Infrastructure Committee, respectively.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 28, 2020.

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  1. A brief story, but still better than the one in the local commercial newspaper. And the headline is 100 times better! (But the word “additionally” is redundant in the last graf, and why not use “use” instead of “utilize”?) Nice job, Lauren.

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