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By Tatheana Finney/ Staff Reporter

In celebration of College Radio Day, former DJs and current FM90 announcers will be teaming up on air at Amarillo College’s radio station. The event will take place from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Oct. 4 in the FM90 studios. Former staff members will be playing their favorite tunes from their time on the radio and reminiscing about their experiences.

Chris Albracht is an AC graduate and former FM90 student DJ who is now director of communications for Saint Valentine Catholic Radio. “College Radio Day is basically an opportunity to promote the good things a college radio station does,” he said. “College radio gives young people and those first timers in radio an opportunity to break into the business to make their mistakes to learn their way around.”

College Radio Day is being celebrated world wide with more than 350 stations in 26 countries participating. Each year, different musical groups serve as ambassadors who give exclusive interviews about how radio influenced their careers. This year’s ambassadors are The Black Keys.

“It’s a really cool year to be a part of this,” Amy Presley, the program director for AC FM90, said.

Presley said College Radio Day creates an opportunity for current students to share experiences with and learn from  the previous staff members who were once in their shoes.

“I enjoy hearing stories, I love the memories that people bring with them. And I like to hear the music from everyone’s time when they were on FM90,” she said.

Presley added during College Radio Day, everyone is invited to stop by the station and see what goes on behind the scenes. The station is located on the first floor of Parcells in the same area that Panhandle PBS is located.

“If you have any interest in radio, then on College Radio Day, you should swing by the studio and just check out the board,” Jake Day, the student music director, said.

For more information contact Presley at or visit FM90’s website at

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