Time For Hunting Badgers

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By Colton Schwalk, Staff Reporter

There’s a manhunt coming to Amarillo College and students are a part of it. “Gotcha” is an annual game of campus wide tag, where each student competing in the game will receive a photo of another student and a can of silly string. The objective of the game is to locate the student assigned in the photo, and spray them with as much silly string as possible.

The game will take place Sept. 18-19 on the Washington Street Campus, and any student is welcome to sign up. The process of signing up is very simple, and it’s guaranteed that friends will be made along the way, even if they are trying to cover each other in silly string. To sign up, players must download the IMLeagues app on their phone, or go to the IMLeagues website on any browser. After signing up on the app, head down to the Carter Fitness Center on Sept. 17 for a mandatory meeting on the rules of the game. There are two meetings, one at 11:45 a.m., and the other at 5 p.m. Players only have to attend one of the meetings. After that, the game begins. The deadline for students to sign up is on Sept. 16.

The game has been a big hit with students over the previous years. Larnce Hicks, a physical therapy assistant major, played one year, and even though he got silly string all over the inside of his car, he said he will be playing again this year.

“I was stressed out the whole day. I didn’t know when it was going to happen, so I was looking over my shoulder for most of the day. Then, as I was walking to the parking lot to get in my car, they jumped out and got me. I thought I was gonna make it all day,” Hicks said. Chloe McCutchen is another student who has participated. “It was so much fun. I enjoyed the people I got to meet in the process of playing, most of them became my good friends.”

When Justin Wiechec, a general studies major, heard about the game, he said he knew he had to play. “I didn’t know that was even a thing, but that sounds super cool. It’s kinda like a battle royale on campus,” he said.

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