Board reaches settlement with former professor over threatened lawsuit

Brian Farmer

By Lauren Ebben Senior Reporter

On Aug. 6, at their monthly meeting, the board of regents voted to approve a $40,000 settlement reached with Dr. Brian Farmer, a former AC employee who threatened to sue the college in connection with his separation of employment. Farmer agreed to the settlement terms.

Farmer, a former social sciences professor, was separated from the college in spring 2018. He later threatened litigation against the college in response. 

The college then reached a settlement agreement with Farmer “to eliminate the uncertainties and expense of litigation,” officials said in a statement. 

“The settlement agreement provided that Dr. Farmer would be paid $40,000. In exchange, he would release the college from all potential claims, whatever they might be, in connection with his separation of employment,” said Executive Vice President and General Counsel Mark White.

According to White, the board found, “It would be a lot cheaper to pay the $40,000 than to engage in the litigation.” 

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