Master plan gets student perspective

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By LAUREN EBBEN Senior Reporter

Two officers for the Student Government Association are giving a voice to students as the next phases of Amarillo College’s master plan are put into place. 

SGA President, Hector Casanova, a business major and SGA Chair of Club Relations Nazario Maestas, a business major, are both part of a master plan implementation committee designed to hold the college “accountable for making sure everyone is involved in the process,” said AC President, Russell Lowery-Hart.

“We have a master plan implementation committee that represents all parts of the college, that make sure that we’re being transparent, that we’re being communicative, that everyone has a voice,” Lowery-Hart said.

Roughly 15 people are on the committee, ranging from board of regents members to students. “Our role was to give a student perspective and a student idea on what the master plan had to offer,” Maestas said of SGA’s involvement. 

“So we kind of gave the idea or gave our thoughts of students on how that could help, how that wouldn’t help, or what would actually benefit students more compared to what would kind of just take up space and money,” said Maestas.

So far, the implementation committee has worked on prioritizing projects for the master plan, determining which projects are “more important and should be taken care of versus what could be put off until later,” according to Maestas.

“What we kind of did was we talked about funding and distribution throughout all campuses, so Washington Campus, West Campus, East Campus and looked over things that we thought either needed to be more developed on or needed more repairs or things like that,” Maestas said.

Maestas said he is glad to have the chance to serve on this committee. “I feel like it’s a good position because Amarillo College is for the students. Everything that we’re doing is to help and benefit the students.”

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