Interior Design: A Reflection of Your Personality

Chair and table with plants

By Carolina Barba/Illustration by Salvador Gutierrez

The trend toward minimalism has impacted many aspects of life, including interior design, which offers a way to showcase one’s personality through the art of a person’s home or space.

“Your home should be a reflection of your personality. Everyone’s personality is different and therefore everyone has different design tastes,” said Kourtni Munoz, a nationally-known blogger and owner and designer at HOLL interiors in Tennessee. 

“Minimalist design embraces simplicity on every level, from paint color to furniture pieces. The trend seems like it’s here to stay with the less is more attitude about interior spaces,” Munoz said. 

Designers who follow the minimalist trend use no more than two basic colors and use geometric shapes for the decor with functional furniture, she said.

Many of Munoz’s clients have requested some parts of their home to be minimalist. “For most of the client spaces I design, they take on some variations of the minimalist design, whether it be using a neutral color palette or downsizing and removing furniture from the space to open it up,” Munoz said. 

Munoz said this minimalist approach to interior design has been around since the 1960s, but millennials have pushed it back into the limelight.

According to Munoz, creating a comfortable space depends on numerous factors. 

“There is a lot that goes into interior design that many people aren’t aware of when they see the pretty finished photos,” Munoz said. “We, as designers, make spaces functional and enjoyable by determining what the space requires as far as cosmetic updates, small remodels to major home renovations. We do this by selecting and sourcing materials such as paint, lighting, flooring and decorative pieces.”

Kayleigh Scholten, a Chicago-based designer, said minimalism is one of many interior design trends, but regardless of fads and fashions, the goal remains the same. “Interior design is the combination of elements to create not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but a functional space,” she said.

Munoz and Scholten both said they enjoy their job designing comfortable spaces for their clients. 

“I absolutely love creating a space and it making it functional for someone,” Scholten said.

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