Transferring prompts excitement

By MARIA VALLES, Staff Reporter |

With the end of the semester approaching, some Amarillo College students are getting prepared to transfer to their choice of university. These students say they are nervous about the change but excited for the future.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Marisol Ruiz, an education major, said. “I’m used to coming to AC and it saddens me to leave a place that I have been at for the last four years.” 

Abi Bowles, a biology major, said she is excited to be in a new environment. “I have different moments where I feel super excited to be a part of a bigger school and have more opportunities to join different groups. But sometimes I am very nervous and scared to leave because I’m comfortable here,” Bowles said.

These two AC students are transferring to West Texas A&M University in the fall.

“I knew WT was the place for me because I know so many people that already attend there, and it was easy to get plugged in. I will still be living at home and so it was the best option monetarily as well,” Bowles said.

Josselyn Egbert, a former AC student who now attends WT, said the transferring process was surprisingly easy for her. “Seemed like my adviser took care of it mostly,” she said. Egbert said students should do some research before transferring.

“I think students should really do their research for the desired major they want to transfer into,” Egbert said. “Simply to make sure what’s needed is offered and to keep track of deadlines.” 

Ruiz said she is ready and prepared for WT. “I registered and got accepted. I filled up my FASFA and have my schedule planned for the upcoming semester,” she said.

Bowles said she is ready to get involved with the university. “I am looking forward to going to football, basketball and all the different sporting events. I’m also looking forward to be a part of different clubs or organizations where I can make more friends,” Bowles said.

Egbert said she believes that she made the right choice in choosing to transfer to WT. “I think WT was great for me to transfer to. It’s very accommodating, sufficient online classes for working students, accessibility is all great,” she said.

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