Vinylthon spins tracks of success


By ISABELLE LINK, Staff Reporter |

Vinylthon has been an Amarillo College tradition for only two years, starting as part of College Radio Day. According to Amy Hart, FM90’s program director. Though the event has only been around for a couple of years, last year there were nearly 100 people that participated in the event.

“The students can bring whatever they want, so far I have gotten some ‘Bowie’ and ‘Rainbow’ from Austin Ashby.” Hart said, “We are going to start at 9 a.m with newer alternative artist, maybe some Brevet or Juke Box the Ghost.” 

Though, this Vinython was different for many reasons. Hart played the first two hours of Body and Soul on record from 12 to 2 p.m, as well as this Vinylthon was sponsored by Spinning Jenny’s Record Store in Shamrock, Tx.

“I’m excited for the sponsor this year, we are going to be able to announce give-aways during the show.” Hart said, “Last year we had a great response, everyone seemed to be reminiscent of their good days, and being able to listen to it on air again. We had lots of calls and request.”

Many students brought their own collections of records and hung out for the event, even offering to help Amy run back and forth.

“I like to get together, everyone here is about the music,” Ashby, mass media major, said. “It has been really fun trying to help coordinate with Amy about what to play.”

Hamilton, a general studies major, said that this was the coolest thing that she has helped with. “A lot of the records I brought, I grew up listening to and loving them.”

If you missed Vinylthon this year, it will be happening again next April. If you want to bring any records to the event, Hart must have them in two weeks in advance, and it is all commercial free.

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