Be kind to each other

By MEGHAN MINSHEW, Staff Reporter |

Kindness does not come with a price. Even a smile can make someone’s day go from a 1 to a 10 because they saw that you cared. 

Life is filled with moments of heartbreak and struggle. Most people are good at hiding their emotions and putting on a brave face. You cannot tell just by looking at people what they are struggling with in their personal lives. 

They may be struggling with an abusive parent, worrying about where they are going to find their next meal, how they are going to be able to pay for rent next month or even worrying about where they are going to sleep that night. 

So often I have seen people want to degrade or abuse others physically, verbally or online. They may also do this as a result of not knowing how to deal with their own emotional problems or poor coping skills. 

We all should be trying to build each other up, this life is just too darn hard for us to be tearing each other down. 

There are also people who wrestle with self-esteem issues. We have social media that can constantly make us compare ourselves to other men and women. Giving one compliment cannot only make you feel like a better person but gives that person a boost for their own self-esteem. 

Random acts of kindness not only help others have a better day, but also help us see the positive qualities that we are surrounded by daily. 

Be a light in that person’s darkness. Smile, give a compliment, hold the door for the person behind you. There are so many ways to be kind. Go out and spread kindness all-around. Your kindness may even change that individual’s life forever.

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